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Winter is about to depart, but the evidence of comfort food, lack of exercise & skin care will remain. It is time to start waving goodbye to heavy foundations, concealers & spray tans, and start putting a routine in place to prepare for those summer beach days. 

A few months ago, I went ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I am tired of going for the 'latest fad' when it comes to skincare, watching models (which might I add, already have great skin) promoting something they were paid to do so. Working with the fitness industry, I want to promote makeup free workouts to my clients & confidence when doing so. For myself, I wanted to look more energized and awake when I wasn't wearing make-up. 

This winter I spent on average 5 out of 7 days a week makeup FREE! Now, I won't lie to you... I don't normally have very bad skin. As an adult, I have never experienced adult acne or severe breakouts. I can definitely say I suffer from hormonal breakouts during that "time of the month" or if I spend a day out in the sunshine wearing make-up. I was chasing something that would keep me looking youthful, whilst evening out my skin-tone and allowing me to look fresh each and every day. 

My prayers were answered! Aus Medic Co was the first moisturiser I have ever used (consistently). The illuminating peptide moisturiser is a smooth and silky textured, deeply nourishing cream, which has a unique, subtle glow to illuminate the face. I believe that being in my mid-20's is the perfect time to set up a great foundation for ageing and base for healthy looking skin.

 Instantly hooked I grabbed the other 5 skincare options from their range;


Listed below

Aus Medic Co’s numbered system is effective and easy to follow. Their luxurious range of advanced skin care solutions that combine scientific research with naturally derived ingredients to help assist the visible signs of ageing.

They believe that beauty is more than skin deep. The time you invest in yourself and your inner wellbeing is reflected in your skin’s health. This is why they have developed a range that fits as easily into your lifestyle as your daily beauty regime.

The 8th of March was day one of my Aus Medic Co journey & I have never looked back. The endless compliments I receive from my work colleagues and clients regarding my fresh and youthful skin is definitely reassuring this works wonders. You don't have to take my word for it, try it yourself & let me know how you go. Head down to your local priceline or shop online. 


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