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Put down the afternoon naughty snacks, I have an announcement that will change your life. If you have ventured the streets of Brisbane city for a cup of coffee, you have most likely seen the raw baller protein balls at the counter. A few years ago these incredible raw treats hit the shelves & we have never experienced anything like it since! 

Now just imagine that late morning when you just want a coffee and treat in bed, but don't want to get out of your pj's to make it happen... well, YOUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! Baller blends has officially launched and available to purchase. 

What is baller blends?

A "do it yourself" packet of heaven. Offering all the delicious raw ball flavours in their natural, nutritious and purest form, Baller Blends puts the flavour back into wellness.  All you need to do is mix the wet and dry ingredients together (get your hands dirty) and just like that, you have 10 raw treats ready to go!

Launch Party

A launch party styled to perfection (and I would expect no less from Kylee). Imagine an event where the balloon colours match the packaging!! As soon as we spotted the baller blend packets, we couldn't help but smile ear-to-ear with excitement.

We all had the opportunity to get creative and decorate our very own protein balls. Covering them with chocolate or salted caramel sauce, topped with all things sweet. 

I can't explain how proud I am of this incredible woman. She has hustled her way through every obstacle the adventure has thrown at her. She settled for nothing less than perfection with the quality of her product, her packaging and her message. 

Whilst listening to Kylee's speech, it was hard not to shed a tear. Turning her dreams into a reality. Showing us that hard work and dedication will bring you success.

What are the flavours? 

FERRERO NO SHARE - Snack time just got a whole lot more nuts. These delectable bites of nutty comfort will melt in your mouth as you ride the wave of hazelnut all the way to the island of blissful satisfaction. If you ever wished there was a creamy, delicious AND healthy hazelnut ball to brighten up your day, you can bet your balls this blend is made for you.

COOKIE DOUGH-LICIOUS - Dough my! Did cookies just get...better? Because cookie dough just went from cheat, to treat. With each nibble of our Cookie Dough-licious Balls you will be hopskotch-ing back to those familiar times spent secretly devouring the gooey sugary goodness straight from the bowl. (Hey. No judgment.) Only this time? Despite it tasting totally naughty, it’s not. 

MINT TO BE - Looks naughty. Tastes delicious. Allow us to introduce you to our Mint to Be Blend, pretty much a brownie in ball form. With this elixir of a mix, you’ll be rolling Balls like an absolute pro and have the jaw of your friends, family, and even Patricia from HR on the ground (Yes, Patricia. Healthy can taste so good).

How about one of each!! Check out https://www.ballerblends.com/collections/products

Not only was this launch event incredible for all the reasons above, but it was so wonderful to meet the network of people who helped Baller Blends launch. Human connection is so important and these days so easy to forget. Chatting face-to-face and having a laugh with like-minded women and men in business is always such a great way to spend your Saturday.

All photos by the incredible Matt Delaney

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