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I entered February with every intention to remove some naughty habits I had when it came to snacking. Reason being? Now being a cycle instructor, I need to bring 110% to my classes. That means I need to be fueling my body with foods and snacks which will provide me with endurance and energy when I need it most. But in saying this, I dont want to lose good tasting snacks from my daily menu. After some searching, I definitely have found my fav go-to healthy treats.  

Firstly, lets talk about the big topic of nutritional meals. The main substance you fuel your body with each day, before turning to the snacks. Do not convince yourself, that because you had a protein ball for afternoon tea, that your maccas lunch didn't count. WRONG! I started and completed January on a 6-week break from exercise due to surgery. I told myself it was going to be okay, because I would just eat well... HAHA good one Fifi! I pretty much celebrated all of January like it was the last day on earth. Over indulging in carby foods, drinking wine from lunch to dinner, ordering sides to all my meals and much more. I was definitely living my best life, which I don't object too... just in moderation. I entered February feeling like a pile of sh*t. My insides were so unhappy, I couldn't get away with the "I'm Bloated" comment anymore, I felt queasy and uneasy nearly all day long. 

A change was long overdue and luckily I had my meals set in place. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me regularly post about YourPrep. It takes the good elements of Youfoodz, health fresh & 5.4 - combine it together and you are gifted with the amazing YourPrep. This team provides you with 500grams of your favourite meats, vegetables and vegan options. All you have to do is portion and heat. The food is already seasoned to perfection and won't throw you off your calorie count. Now entering the commit and conquer challenge with InspireCycle, I am determined to commit and conquer my health as well. These meals have had a huge impact on my energy levels and have gotten me through the day, going 100%. I would highly recommend checking them out if you feel like you have fallen off the bandwagon. Also they promote #howgoodisliving and #reclaimyoursundays. Let YourPrep do the cooking for you and let you get back to the fun times in life. 

Now onto the snacks and treats! I have definitely had my fair share of "healthy treats", but after eating it I feel full, bloated, and unsure if it's even that "healthy". LOOK NO FURTHER!
Firstly, welcoming to the table my all time fav @therawballer. Treat yourself the right way with hand-made and rolled protein balls. With a mix of flavours to cure that sweet tooth feeling, you are set for the morning or afternoon tea break. These beauties can be found at a bunch of local cafes around Brisbane. Also, you can also get these in your YourPrep orders - BONUS!

Secondly, if you have a weak spot for soft drinks, energy drinks or anything bubbly... this one is for you. Feeling like a pick-me-up after that workout? Need something to get you through that 3pm hump? Want to stop relying on energy drinks full of sugar to get you from A to B? I have good news for you. Social T is 90% brewed green tea infused with fruit & lightly sparkling. Flavours include blueberry & Lemon, Mango & Passionfruit and Peach & Raspberry. 

Lucky last, lets talk delicious and nutritious bake-mixes. For those who love to spend a few hours in the kitchen whipping together a weeks worth of biscuits and treats, but realized they also throw your calorie in-take out the window... listen in. Think vegan, organic, natural and locally made! A beautiful #girlpower team, made by a 14 year old girl and her Mum in QLD - we have Clean and Lean Mixes. I am talking healthy double choc fudge brownies, banana bread & protein pancakes (I just went to heaven). All made with real ingredients, which will help you feel healthier and happier, inside and out. 

Achieve all your goals this year, but remember to live a healthy lifestyle without the obsession. 

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