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It is so important that each day you move your body, you stay hydrated and you eat well. But often we get heavily into exercising, staying up late working, we jam too much into a 24 hour day... and before you know it, your body is tired, tense, worn out & fragile. It is so important to rest, to recover, to relax ... and why not do it all with @kulahealth. 

I had definitely had a HUGE weekend, which in turn had completely wrecked my neck and shoulders. On the Saturday I spent 5 + hours hunched over a computer launching my website, followed by a Sunday community ride at @inspirecycle, also launching myself as the newest cycle instructor. After the adrenaline had worn off, the stiffness started to take over. I felt my traps turn into hard cement, my neck unable to fully turn side to side & a pounding headache which was not going away. 

I booked myself into @kulahealth for a 30 minute head, neck and shoulder massage to release the tension locked in my upper body. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a cool glass of water, relaxing music & a huge smile. I was well overdue to visit Kula Health and see their stunning location. The reception area had hanging rings, foam rollers and yoga mats, ready for you to roll out, stretch and de-stress prior to your appointment.

I was looked after by the beautiful Laura T, who is a talented massage therapist. We focused of releasing that tension locked inside my body. A few (plus a few more) tears later, we had removed the knots deep inside my traps and neck. After 30 minutes, I felt revitalised, awake and ready to continue working at my full potential. It was exactly what my body needed to get moving again. 

Now, @kulahealth offer alot of different services to cater all your inner and outer health needs. Whether it be a massage, chiropratic, dry needling, naturopathy or nutrition... they have you sorted. Located conveniently in Newstead, Brisbane - you have a 1 stop-shop for health. I can gladly say, I have found my second home. 


Kula Health

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