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How has January already ended? This year has started with a BANG and I guarantee everyone has set themselves some crazy goals to achieve (short and long term). BUT, how many of you wrote it down your goals like a to-do-list? How many of you aren’t even sure how you will make it to this goal? How many of you haven’t look beyond that goal and at the bigger picture? Well, let me tell you a new way to vision your goals. 

Last Thursday I was scrolling through the gram and one of my beautiful friends @therawballer announced that Lululemon on James Street were holding an event for Visions & Goal setting. I jumped straight on and got my ticket, as I knew I could benefit from this event. 6:30pm click over and I strolled down to James Street, admiring the bars filled with vibrant atmosphere and the beautiful hanging lights and greenery. 

I walked in, greeted by Morgan, Zac and Tarlee who work within the store. Firstly, we fueled up with an amazing spread with protein balls from @therawballer, sparkling green tea from @_social_t, vegan donuts from @nododonuts and much more. We found our seats, got out our note pads and the evening began. 

Now, I walked into this without any knowledge on how this event work take place. In my head, I assumed I would be brainstorming, creating clear pathways to our success and working out what I need to do now, to benefit me in the future... this evening took me somewhere else. Lululemons vision and goal setting evening was guided by meditation. 3 different meditations which were to set our intentions, visualise ourselves once we had made it to our goal & finally how to let go of the things we don’t need along the way. 

Firstly, setting our intention. This is very important to me! You need to really understand your values and your intentions . You need to clearly know what compliments your intention and what to avoid or remove. It started by noting down the 3 people (Famous of not) that you admire and why. Then noting down what 3 qualities that you have, that other people would admire about you. Then pick 3 all together and set this as your intention towards your goal. I found this rather easy. I admire those who embrace change, those who have a passion to work hard, those who have the ability to lift people up around them. 

Secondly, visualise yourself once you have made it to your goal. What does it look like, what does it feel like, how will you get there. Instead of my thoughts going straight to social media marketing, blogger, or even work... mine went straight to health. What is my goal for the future? To be the best and healthiest version of myself. I want fresh grown produce, I want less phone time, I want more fresh air, I want to enjoy the life I have. I envisioned myself sitting with my older and wiser self. Sitting on a farm-like property, enjoying a cup of coffee with my mum, looking out into the distance. The one thing that stuck with me, was how good I felt. My goal is to live a long and healthy life. I want to feel good & I want to look back on how much I enjoyed my life, my family and my health. 

Thirdly, how to let go. Sometimes you will not get to your goal via plan A, but that doesn’t mean you quit. You may need plan B, C, D ... who knows. You need to remember your intentions and what it would take to get to your goal, but this may mean removing the unnecessary items, people or plans that don't compliement your intentions. You need to learn to say no to things that don’t fit with this goal. Doing this will allow your goal to stay on track and continue to enough the goal, without making it a chore. 

After 2 hours, I felt AMAZING! I felt happy to know my life-long goal is to live well. Everyone in that room (majority in tears) left feeling inspired in different ways. Whether that are currently transitioning within their personal life, career path or anything day to day. It was very powerful and inspired me to continue working towards my goal every single day. 

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