Luxury Seaside Soirée. 

It is not too often you can say you spent your Sunday afternoon in a luxury pop up picnic, sipping on champagne, eating delicious cake, grazing on nibbles... and all under a chandelier. 

A few weeks back my gorgeous friend Mella invited me to a #GIRLPOWER afternoon picnic at Currumbin Beach. Upon arrival, I was greeted with such an incredible display organised by @klaras_house. A very elegant marquee by @exoticsoirees, flowing in the wind from the ocean breeze. A stunning wooden table surrounded with huge pillows, topped with flowers, champagne glasses & an INCREDIBLE honey syrup infused French vanilla cake with chai spiced Swiss meringue buttercream and a ginger nut cookie crumb (That’s a mouthful) from @milkandhoney.cakecreative

We began our afternoon like anyone would... a photoshoot with @lb_designs_01! This was by far the most instagram worthy picnic I have ever been too - so we were taking full advantage. Popping the first bottle of champagne, we knew we were about to settle in for a perfect sunset. Dessert was served first - why not! Indulging into this mouthwatering cake with a glass of bubbles, I had entered heaven. With perfect beachside music playing, my shoes off, hair down & making new friends, I wasn’t sure I would ever leave. 

We were then spoilt for choice with an amazing afternoon tea spread by @conkandco. With a selection of fresh fruits, cheeses, dips, meats and much more. After about 2 hours of sitting down, I stretched my legs and took myself for a quick little stroll on the beach. Watching the sun slowly disappear into the distance and the sky turn pink and purple. I walked my feet through the sand, took in some deep breathes and truly appreciated the afternoon I had just had. 

It will take a lot for another picnic to compare to this particular afternoon I was lucky to attend. Whether you have a birthday party to celebrate, an engagement, wedding reception or a #GIRLPOWER brunch, definitely reach out to this amazing team and let them organise the day for you. 

@Klaras_house - Pop Up Picnics and Events
@lb_designs_01 - Photographer
@milkandhoney.cakecreative - Home Made Cake
@conkandco - Delectable Grazing Table 
@exoticsoirees - Luxury Arabian Style Garden Tents Heading

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