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Presents seem to be pretty standard and repetitive these days. Christmas you expect someone to buy you a candle, some socks or maybe a nice bottle of wine. Valentines Day would be something along the lines of chocolate and some flowers, birthdays are the moment to show you were listening when they asked for those concert tickets, the latest fashionable bag or belt, or a getaway weekend.... but what about all those other moments of the year?

I am talking about the "I miss you", "I am thinking about you", "I appreciate you"... what do those presents look like? How can you express your love to someone through a gift? How can it be a few different things without spending hours at the shops? Let me tell you!

Whilst wondering the internet in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I didn't want to gift just average things. I wanted something that said I appreciate you, thank you for making 2018 special & thank you for your continuous support and love. Thanks for the laughs, the adventures, the challenges and the accomplishments. Cheers to being life-long friends and sharing many more memories together. Turn that into a present and it looks a little like @afternoonpickmeup!

Now firstly, back story on @saarahangus (The friend getting the present). Sarah lives her life surrounded by health and fitness. She makes sure each day is another step closer to her goals - whether that be work, wellness or lifestyle. Sarah isn't a big drinker, she isn't a big party animal, she has a healthy balance of working hard and resting well. I wanted to combine all these things into a present suitable for her. A way to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thanks for being an amazing friend. 

I came across a beautiful gift pack already organized by @afternoonpickmeup - inside was; Some healthy sweet treats including Sarah's Day Protein Balls, The Daily Bar in Antioxidant and Woodlane's Lime & Blueberry sparkling drink PLUS a pampering Summer Salt White Clay Masque! All the things you need to #treatyoself and pick up your afternoon!

As expected, the gift was wrapped perfectly, arrived within a few days of ordering and I could give to Sarah during her trip to Brisbane just prior to Christmas itself. It was a huge SUCCESS! Now, Afternoon Pick Me Up do more than just a present for your girlfriend, so make sure you check them out - www.afternoonpickmeup.com.au. 

This will definitely be my go-to when finding gifts in 2019. Special ways to cheer up or spoil the ones you love. 

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