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Now, if you haven't already read my first blog on Minding Her Business, please stick a bookmark on this page and jump over to that one first. Read the back story on these events there!

For the rest of us, lets get into it. Now when I left the last Minding Her Business event, I was INSPIRED. In that moment I truly got my hustle and bustle on to make my business successful. Over the past few months I have worked my absolute ass off. No days off, no days away from my computer, saying yes to every opportunity... so, was it worth it? HELL YES! I wanted to make myself proud for once. I wanted to have MY own milestones to be proud of. 

This Minding Her Business event was held at the QT Gold Coast. I can definitely say (and hope everyone agrees with me) that this event topped them all. As always, an event created for the gram! WOW OH WOW, this event was beautiful from top to bottom. From the sweet treats, the grazing table, the balloon wall, blossom tree and so much more. 

Each event is driven by an empowerment panel. With selected guest speakers who share their experiences and tips & tricks to achieving success. This event starred 3 powerful people, in different journeys of life & business, who have each experienced their own struggles and milestones to get to where they are today. 

Lets meet the panel

Sam O'Brien

Meet Sam! Tanning expert, a guru in beauty product development and international TV presenter. Not only has Sam performed over 85,000 tans services, he has been involved in Fashion Weeks, Miss World, photo shoots and is a global partner for the WBFF exclusive tanning products & services team.

Sam's key tip to success:

Danielle Robertson

Law student & personal trainer. Meet Danielle, face behind @dannibelle & founder of DB active. Danielle lives and breathes health & fitness. With exercise videos provided to her followers nearly every day, she inspires nearly 800K followers to work towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Danielle's key tip to success:

Emma Carey

Meet Emma! Face behind Em Carey Designs.
The girl who fell from the sky. Emma shares her story on social media as a walking paraplegic and how this has effected her life. Emma shares from the heart, her milestone moments, the hard times & how to keep moving forward with a positive mindset.

Emma's kep tip to success:

I left this event feeling more powerful than ever before. I made heaps of new connections, re-connected with some amazing girls in business & knew I was working in the right direction for success. These events always encourage you to review your social circle and make sure you are surrounded by uplifting, empowering & beautiful people. People who support you 110%, who you trust & can see yourself becoming a better person because of them. 

Featured above:

Cupcakes & Cake Pops: @thecakehousecompany
Donuts & Brownies: @blossomsinacup
Cookies: @fancy.favours
Protein Balls: @therawballer
Balloon Wall, Balloon Garland & Blossom Tree: @bloomeventsau
Flowers: @pollinate_gc_wedding

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