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This week I embarked on my 3rd cleanse with @solcleanse. My last cleanse with this incredible company was in June 2018... 2018? How does the time pass so fast. My body was well overdue for a reset (Both mind and body), I just needed to stop and listen to it. If you haven't read the first blog regarding this cleanse - jump over to 'Resetting my gut with Sol Cleanse'.

Jan 1st, 2020

I started the year feeling very physically fit and strong, but emotionally and internally very weak and fragile. For the past 14 months I have worked part time within the fitness industry, completing between 9-16 spin classes each week, with no break. In December 2019, I could feel my body was starting to warn me it was feeling a little tender and needed to be cared for a little better. So what did I do? Ignored the signs - correct! I was on a mission to keep moving at 110%, which was increasing my cortisol through the roof and slowly causing little cracks in my health.

Over the past 2 months, my body and mind started to feel very lethargic, emotionally drained and unmotivated. I had convinced myself that because I trained so much, I should be allowed to eat whatever I wanted. It's one thing to not be restrictive on your meal choices (Which I believe to be a healthy relationship with good), but another to not eat unhealthy in moderation. At the end of the day I am only human as well, and my body and mind also needs a reset. 

Jan 29th, 2020

LET THE CLEANSE BEGIN!. For the second time with @solcleanse, I chose their Broths & Greens cleanse. Reason being, I absolutely love it & it taste's delicious. In their words:

"The Broth + Greens cleanse is deep and intense. We designed this cleanse especially for people who are looking to eliminate all sugars from their diet, or who are familiar with cleansing and want to take it to the next level. This cleanse is completely fructose free – the only fruit used is lemons, and the only sweetness is stevia, a naturally sweet, sugar free herb. The Broths + Greens cleanse focuses on the alkalising and detoxing benefits of leafy greens, and the nourishing qualities of vegan broths and miso soup. It’s challenging but fantastic – you’ll really notice the benefits!"

I use this cleanse as an opportunity to rest my body, rest my mind, reset my mind & goal set for the months to come. Along with my cleanse I implemented 15 minutes of morning yoga to my life. I have never ever been one to like yoga (and by like, I mean ever do yoga). I assumed I would be bad at yoga, I assumed I wouldn’t feel any benefit from yoga... so, I never tried it. I definitely would not say I am good at yoga haha, but it allows my body to stretch and move in ways it hasn’t in years. I never really have any lateral movement in my body, so it feels stiff. I have really enjoyed adding this to my daily routine. 

What happens to your body during a juice cleanse?


I couldn't wait to wake up! I knew my energise lemon water & psyllium husks would be waiting for me. I am a massive coffee drinker, but I find this energise kickstarts my day perfectly. Today would be a good test on my energy levels, as I still needed to complete 3 spin classes.

Surprisingly by 8pm I still felt full and content after a HUGE day. 
DAY 1 = Success!

Day 2

Thursdays are always my rest days, which timed in perfectly with this cleanse. I started my morning outside with a quick yoga stretch. Followed by a day of goal setting & cleaning out my fridge and pantry moving forward. Preparing myself for the fresh week to start once my cleanse was complete.


Back into the hustle for work. Even with a pilates and spin class, my body was feeling good. 

Hitting the final day feels so rewarding. You can feel the difference in every way. Your thoughts are clearer, your body feels stronger, even your organs feel like they are singing. Clearing out all the toxins within your life and allow your body to breathe clearly again. 


Find out what's included below.
ENERGISE X 1  Lemon, Stevia, Cayenne Pepper, Filtered Water

This spicy elixir is a great way to start the day. A powerful metabolism booster that will give your system a kickstart in the morning and promote weight loss. This combination boosts your circulation and aids your digestive system to help flush out toxins, waste products, and excess fluid. It will also balance your pH levels to neutralise any acidity in your body, and may suppress your appetite (which is useful on a cleanse!).

BALANCE X 2 Silverbeet, Cos Lettuce, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Parsley

A powerful detoxifying concoction – this elixir is loaded up with alkalising greens to help you find balance. It can also help to support kidney function by expelling excess water and flushing the kidneys. Like all greens, this juice contains powerful anti-ageing antioxidants and a plethora of vitamins and minerals. In addition, this blend has particular bone strengthening qualities.

PRANA X 2 Filtered Water, Onions, Garlic, Carrot, Celery, Kale, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Salt, Sea Vegetables

This satisfying Vegan broth will deeply nourish your cells. The goodness is gently simmered from the organic vegetables, then the vegetables are removed to eliminate the fibre from the broth. The sea vegetables will bring you a bounty of necessary minerals which are lacking in most western diets. Heat gently (preferably in a saucepan)

ZEN X 1 Soy bean, Rice, Sea Salt, Koji Starter (aspergillus oryzae)

This locally made Miso soup is hand-made from Australian-grown GMO-free certified organic soybeans and organic Australian rice and koji. It is unpasteurised and has been fermented for 6 months, making it a “live” food rich in enzymes, probiotics and antioxidants. Heat gently (preferably in a saucepan).


Sol Cleanse has been kind enough to offer my community a 10% off discount code: 
Happy cleansing!

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