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Say goodbye to the days when you walked around your local area, handing out your business card, hoping that would get your name into the world. Minding her business is a complete business game changer. Directed by Katie Stevens, who lives by the motto Empowered women, empower women, which completely shines through everything MHB posts and shares. An entire event designed to connect, collaborate and create

I was lucky enough to attend their latest event at The Calile Hotel. Now, they don’t miss a thing when it comes to an “instagramable” event (Is that even a word!). From the grazing table, the sweet treats, hanging donuts, the flower walls, the photo booth... my list could go on. But, even with all these photo worthy opportunity, we were all their for one reason - to connect with like-minded women. 

Each event is driven by an empowerment panel. With selected guest speakers who share their experiences and tips & tricks to achieving success. This event starred 3 beautiful women, in different businesses, who have each experienced their own struggles or journey to get to where they are today. 

Lets meet the panel

Emma Sweeny

Founder and Director of @inthegamepr. Now I have followed Emma’s journey for 5 + years now and I have watched this incredible woman hustle and bustle her way to success. In the Game PR is a boutique PR agency specialising in social media management, talent, content creation and event planning.

Emma’s key tips for success: 

  • To-Do-Lists! Make sure you have fantastic time management and delegate time periods to each tasks. If they run past the time delegated, power onto the next task. 
  • Put the phone down. Having a job which is based around social media can be very challenging to switch off. Once the job is done, make sure you don’t spend hours pointlessly scrolling. Disconnected from technology and reconnect with the real world. Have quality time with your friends and family. 
  • Connect with your followers. If your instagram is your business, you need to make time for your audience. These are potential, or existing customers and it is so important to respond and engage with them daily. 

Brooke Styles

Creator of @zaharsocial & @fullofloveclub. Zahar Social is a content creation agency. Brooke has always had an eye for the perfect flay-lay and can turn your product into a creative masterpiece. Brooke has also launched Full of Love Club. This is a community event, designed to empower self-love, mental health and body positivity.

Brookes key tips for success: 

  • Understand that success takes time. Not everyone is going to like or align with your brand, but its important to stay strong. 
  • Work hard. You can not expect smooth sailing when starting your brand, but you need to know why you are doing it and work hard each and every day. 
  • Filter through who you are following on social media. If they don’t inspire you, if everything is a sponsored ad, if it makes you feel bad about yourself - UNFOLLOW. 

Sarah Miller

Founder of Kiss The Berry. Sarah knew back in 2012 that launching Kiss the Berry would be the best thing she ever did. This woman was extremely determined to make this business flourish and today she has 4 stores across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Sarah's key tips for success: 

  • Boundaries. If you work with your family, partner or friends, it is so important to have “down time”. Working with you family can be absolutely amazing, but also it can consume your “family time” as well. It is very important to have clear boundaries on when the work hours are done. 
  • Interviews. Expanding your business is very exciting, but you need to make sure you hire people who suit your brand. Making sure the employee understands your brand, your values and your beliefs. It’s important that the same passion drives your entire team. 
  • Take time to live in the moment. It is very exciting to constantly watch your business grow, but it is very important to manage that growth and make sure each element of your business is still running at 100%. Taking time to look how your business is going, before continuing to grow again.

I walked away with more knowledge and inspiration that I knew what to do with. This completely motivated me to work harder, stay on track & know I will succeed. Not only did I walk away with connections and opportunities for my business, but I also walked away with new friends. Now, before all the boys in the room get disappointed they don’t get the chance to grow their businesses - Minding Their Business is the opportunity for you. 

Now, if you were one of the beautiful ladies to attend this event, but we didn't get the pleasure of meeting. Definitely send me an email, and let's see what we can create together!

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