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2019 went off with a bang and somehow we are already a month deep. New years resolutions are in full force... but is your mindset in a healthy place? 

Let's start with the topic of goals. You have most likely set yourself some pretty huge goals for the year, whether that be physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually. But, it is easy to put way too much pressure on yourself to achieve them, that you create a very unhealthy relationship with yourself when it doesn't go to plan. We all want to have that feeling of fulfilment, we want to share our WINS with the world, but sometimes we are willing to do anything to get there. 

First of all, it is so important to take a step back and actually assess your goal. Is it actually achievable in the time-frame you have set for yourself? Is it really the right goal for you, or do think this is the "easiest" way to be a little happier? Do you allow yourself time to make mistakes, or work around the obstacles that might arise? 

In 2018, I let routine take over, assuming my goals would magically happen and I would be a healthier, fitter, happier version of myself... 11 months of that year was the same, repetitive, draining mindset that got me pretty down in the dumps. All year round I set myself silly dead-lines for my goals. I mentally set myself up for failure, because I was not ready to make the commitment to myself to make the change

My Story

I wanted "THE" career change. I wanted to start a new adventure and this to be the job that made me happier person. I thought I had it all worked out, but I knew my mind & my gut were telling me this wasn't going to work out as I had envisioned. I went against everything my body was telling me it and just kept hoping... and sometimes hope isn't going to always get you there. I had an interview for a job that I thought I had in the bag, but 5 months later I was still waiting for a clear answer. I received a bunch of mixed messages on when the start date would be, and in the end they didn't take me on. I spent 5 months doing nothing to change my career path, because I was arguing with myself on how this would magically work out. I was so disappointed with the outcome, I felt like I could have given up on my resolution all together. 

One night I was sitting at home and finally thought to m,yself - FIFI, YOU ARE WORTH IT! I knew my worth, I knew I had so much to offer and I knew not getting that job was for the best. I quit my job on the spot and stood tall. I told myself I had what it would take and that I would appreciate myself for the journey I was about to go on. I started my own business with the talent I knew I had, I joined the InspireCycle family and now surround myself daily with like-minded & positive people. 

A little self love can go a long way with a healthy mindset.

How to work on your mindset in a positive way? 

Step one: Appreciate yourself daily. You never truly appreciate how much you do in a day, and all the achievements that come with that. Whether you work you butt off to make someone else's life easier, or how much overtime you put in this week to build that bank account, or the fact you have dedicated a great amount to time on your inner health... whatever it may be, you need to appreciate your efforts (even the small ones).

Step two: Put into perspective what really matters to you. Work towards the goals that will actually make you happier, but sometimes that means putting them into smaller and more achievable goals first. You want to lose 10kgs? Why not start with your inner health. Check what you are putting into your body, before putting hours and hours into cardio sessions weekly. Tweak your meals each week to be more beneficial to your "end goal". Create a healthy relationship between mind and body. If your mindset is positive and focused, the weight loss will come and you will appreciate the small wins + maintain the results longer. 

Step 3: Don't be afraid of change. Accepting that your path will most likely change 100 times before the end of the  year, but the outcome will most likely be better than your first goal. You will have a roller-coaster, but it will knock out the things that weren't meant to be. Trust that your path will work out, but you need to work with it with a positive mindset. 

I exited 2018 on a high. I achieved my goal, but only because I changed my mindset. I now trust in change, I trust my gut and I trust that hard work with a healthy mind makes all the difference. 2019 will bring MORE and I am prepared. Tonight I am attending an event held with Lululemon dedicated to vision and goal setting for the year. I can't wait to see how my goals can change daily and how I can improve my relationship with my mind when things don't go to plan.

Secondly, if you haven't already heard, InspireCycle have their next Commit & Conquer challenge beginning February 4th. Now this isn't your average challenge. This isn't a challenge surrounding weight loss and muscle gain. This isn't a challenge to body shame or convince you your body needs improvement. The entire challenge is dedicated to your mindset. We want you to flick the switch in your brain which tells you its time for change. We want you to move and we want to celebrate it. We want to celebrate you, your differences, your successes & your walk of life.  InspireCycle wants you to show up & dedicated yourself to 20, 30 or 40 rides in 6 weeks! DM me for more details and lets do this challenge TOGETHER!

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