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Ever have one of those weeks, where you realize everything is out of control, including your health? YEAP, WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE! Before you know it, its 3pm and you still haven't consumed anything but a cup of coffee. Sometimes it is hard to find balance in our lives... and most the time, our health is the first thing lost. 

SO IN SAYING THIS! I want to make it easier for you. Each week, I will provide you with 2 new recipes to add to your menu. Starting with ....

On The Menu

Sweet potato, mushroom and spinach quiches!


2 x  Sweet Potato
1 cup of spinach
200g sliced mushrooms
5 x eggs
1 cup of grated cheese
Salt & Pepper

Cooking Method


  • Add 5 eggs, 1 cup of chopped mushrooms, 1 cup of sweet potato, 1 cup of shredded spinach and a handful of cheese.


  • Whisk together until blended. Add salt and pepper for taste.


  • Pour into "muffin tray" either for 9 medium or 12 small quiches


  • Bake for 15 minutes
  • Enjoy hot or chilled later for a quick and easy snack

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