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With all the Christmas shopping required at the moment, it can be a little hard to think about treating yourself.... well, let me stop you there! Whilst the hot summer days start to creep in, it becomes pretty apparent that our wardrobes are still hosting all our winter coats & jeans. But, when we look at our bank accounts, it might look like we are cutting those jeans into shorts this christmas. Whilst I was wondering Chermside Westfield yesterday, completing the last of my christmas shopping, I couldn't help but notice @Glassons

Now firstly, I will let you in on a little secret - I DO NOT SHOP! Those that know me know I hate shopping. I don't have patience walking around for hours, getting stuck behind slow window shoppers, listening to children scream and whinge. Quite frankly, I would rather spend my money on my health, rather than clothes. If I get really desperate or have an event coming up - hello online shopping... but if I don't find something straight away, it becomes tomorrows problem. Point of the story, walking into Glassons was a BIG deal for me. 

I walked in, and within 1 minute I had 5 items hanging off my arm. I am talking bikini sets (mix & match) for $30.00, denim short for $14.99 , denim skirts for $29.99, seamless tops for $14.99 and so much more. I couldn't say no to a pair of new denim shorts and a linen oversized shirt (as featured above). With up to 60% off sale, it is hard to leave with nothing. 

I plan to spend nearly every day of summer in the sunshine, enjoying a cold glass of white wine on Hastings street, or a margarita by the pool at Elements, Byron Bay. This year I will be organized with a few extra goodies in my suitcase. My favourite additions to an outfit like this would be a straw hat, a funky belt, a pair of slip ons and some cute sunnies. 

A perfect way to treat yourself after an amazing and hectic 2018. Let all the stress go, celebrate the wins you had and relax over the holidays before the New Year ticks over. If you don't want to buy it for yourself, add this to your secret santa wish list... now that is a present to look forward too. 


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