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See ya later fake tan, winter in OVER! Say goodbye to those Thursday night fake tan bookings.... @thefoxtan has you sorted this Aussie Summer.

Now, before you try and argue with me why you can't give up fake tanning, let me say a few things. I know it can be confusing with the amount of hype behind brands sharing their "tan accelerator" products & unfortunately due to the world of Instagram, you will never truly know what is actually doing a great job, verse who got paid to promote it. 

I am NOT paid to promote this product, so listen in! Welcoming a summer GAME-CHANGER. I am always looking forward to the Spring and Summer months, because I lock away all my fake tanning products & exfoliating gloves, and open up my Fox Tan products. With a range of products, you will be sorted for tanning in the sun and down time in the shade. 

Trusted by babes worldwide since 2015 (That also includes myself since 2015), they are the famous Aussie tanning regime taking the world by storm! Their active and exclusive ingredient FoxComplex will make you tan darker and faster with less time in the sun. 

3 years on, Summer has come around yet again and I have grabbed my bottles ready to go. Launched this year was their Rapid Watermelon Shimmer tanning mist... EXCUSE ME, did you say WATERMELON?!! Not only will you glow in the sunshine, you will also smell bloody delicious. Check out their instagram and website for real life babes reviewing their product. Expect to see results within hours of use. 


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