The Raw Baller 

Say goodbye to that mid-morning or mid-afternoon craving for sugar - @therawballer has you sorted. Made with superfoods and rolled with love, the gorgeous Kylee will have you ready to attack the day - without the guilt!

Now, if you have attended any Brisbane fitness event or local cafe, you have most likely come across these amazing treats. I was lucky enough to meet this beautiful lady earlier this year, over a warm cup of coffee in the colder months. Whilst we sat with our puffer jackets on, I had the opportunity to learn all about Kylee's journey and how she got to where she is today. One day a switch was flicked and she made the JUMP from her day job, into a full time adventure to create @therawballer. Kylee is HUGE on supporting local businesses and events, so the chances of you finding a superfood ball in your goodie bag is pretty high. 

This girl doesn't give herself the credit she deserves. Each ball is individually rolled with love by her, and she will work all day &  all night to get the orders out to all her local cafes. She makes sure each ball is perfect - and they are!! With a range of flavours, my favourite is definitely the salted caramel. Whether it be with my morning coffee, after a cycle, during a workout or when I have a sweet tooth, I know what I will be grabbing on the go. 

Now, in return, I am also HUGE on supporting the local businesses within the fitness community. I have loved watching it blossom over the past few years. I have been able to create some life-long friendships with people and companies with the same goals & passions. I started to put my money towards other people's success. Those who want to make a difference within the community and follow their dreams at the same time. So, why don't you do this aswell? * Side note: Give her instagram a follow for beautiful flatlays and puppy pics*

The Raw Baller has so many flavours, like Salted Caramel, Raw Raspberry Brownie, Coffee, Vegan Cookie Dough,  Minty Matcha, Triple Chocolate Fudge, Snickers & More. Check them out at these locations: 

Little Loco Cafe

New Farm

Miss Jones Cafe

New Farm

Foster and Black

Brisbane City + Carindale & Garden City (Westfield)

Nodo Cafe

Brisbane City + Newstead

Coffee on Point


Elixir Cafe


Acai Brothers

Victoria Point

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