The Well Nest. 

Ever wanted to treat someone or yourself, whilst also caring for the environment & your health? @thewellnest has you sorted this Christmas... and all year round. 

The absolutely beautiful Valerie, has created not only an online store, but online blog with endless recipes and articles. Valerie is such an inspiring human being - constantly finding new ways to care for your body, your mind, your health & your family. Whether its an eco-friendly coffee cup, stainless steel straws, natural toothpaste, essential oils and so much more. Valerie is determined to make HUGE impact in our world, by saving the planet one purchase at a time. Waving goodbye to the 1.5 tonnes of waste the average Australian makes a year (Through food and plastic). 

The Well Nest popped onto my radar over a year ago, when I was on the search for Christmas gift for my mother & brothers girlfriend. I wanted it to mean something and be used for something good. I wanted it to have a healthy and fun twist. I knew I was following this company on Instagram and had noticed some amazing gift packs. With a combination of Organic Banana Bread, Fine Coffee Scrub, Choc Coconut Fudge & Organic French Earl Grey Tea - this gift was a HUGE success & nothing went to waste. 

Since then I have indulged myself with gifts over the year, from Bath Salts, Turmeric Latte Blends, Superfood Chocolates and my latest delivery with my very own Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup. The passion that Valerie has behind her work is incredible. In each aspect of her life, she has searched for new and healthier ways to care for the environment, her family, her body & her mind. This has constantly inspired me to take a better look in the mirror (and my kitchen) to see what changes I can make to live a happier and healthier life. 

Now, if you jump on the website and don’t know where to start - I would definitely recommend having a read through her recipes first. Browse through the endless meal ideas from breakfast to dinner + all the snacks in between. Learn how to care a little more for your body and set yourself a few health hack goals for 2019. 


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