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We hear all these huge words cross our feeds daily “Detox & Wellness”... but are you afraid of it? Are you unsure of it? Do you think its just a fad? Well, I will give you a little insight into a true and safe way to detox the body. 

Now, I am not one for shit chat.... but today's the day. Flash back to 18 year old Fifi. I was “Living my best life” a bit to hard. House parties on the regular, late night pizza and beers with the crew nearly everyday, sleeping in past 12pm and at the time a boyfriend who said “You look fine the way you are”... WRONG! 20+ kilos gained in a 6 month period, a very unhealthy relationship with myself, nearly no exercise, way to much food and a GUT that was very UNHAPPY. 

One day my dad “suggested” (which really meant he had already booked for me) to head to a wellness clinic in Mount Cotton for a colonic ... lets all laugh together. At the time this definitely felt against my will, but I attended anyway. Regardless on how nice this therapist might be or how much better I would feel afterwards, mentally I had already convinced myself this was going to be HELL. With an uncomfortable mindset, I received my first colonic treatment whilst the therapist massaged my stomach and tried to make friendly conversation to put me at ease. I on the other hand was not at ease and was counting down the seconds to leave. I returned home, not sure if I felt nauseous from the treatment or because I was so worked up. Unfortunately a memory I will never forget. 

Over the course of the next 7 years, I changed my own mindset on Detox & Wellness. I graduated as a master trainer, I focused on my inner and outer health more & I found interest in taking care of myself. I became more adventurous with my health journey and removed toxic items and people from my life. Last year was the year I needed to dig deeper. I felt like I ticked all the boxes with health and fitness, yet my gut had other ideas. I received guidance and assistance from a nutritionist, which was both inner health and mental health guidance which supported me a lot. I made changes within my career path which had a huge impact on my mental happiness. I mixed up my training methods and seeked a new friendship circle with the same hobbies and goals. 

Now, with the knowledge of the importance of a healthy and happy gut I approached Vitalita Health and Wellness on my own accord. I sat down with the beautiful Nadia, who consulted with me for about 30-45 minutes and discussed my past, my currently issues, my health journey ahead and all treatments to come. I felt at ease, I was confident, I was happy & mentally ready.... it only took 7 years. The knowledge she provided me was incredible. Nadia allowed me to understand more about the human body and what we need to do to take better care of it to live a better life. 

Facts: If our body is not working at its full potential, internally we are recycling the toxins again and again through our blood stream, which results in skin irritations, a bloated stomach, a weak body and even infections, diseases and long term illnesses. 

This time my treatment was alone without anyone else in the room, which allowed me to feel comfortable, play with my phone and distract myself. The benefits of the treatment include improved digestion, increased energy, improved muscle tone of the colon, restores hydration, improves immunity, assists in weight loss, improves complexion and acne, decreased stress and anxiety and improve cognitive function.

40 minutes later, I moved rooms and jumped into the far infrared sauna to extract the toxins from the inside out. Regular infrared saunas relieves pain within the body, removes toxins naturally, assists in weight loss and cellulite reduction, promotes beautiful, youthful skin, strengthens cardiovascular system and improves circulation and Boosts immune system. 

I left Vitalita not only feeling better, but feeling wiser. I took knowledge which I can implement into my daily life and work towards a better and healthier self. For a complete reset of the gut, I will attend the clinic 5 times in 2 weeks, and from their it is maintenance monthly.

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See below for all services they offer

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy, is a safe and effective method of removing toxins from the large intestines without the use of drugs.

Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared saunas are a great way to promote detoxification from the inside out.


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself.

Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutritional Medicine examines how diet affects health and wellbeing through the quality of food as well as its preparation, and the balance of macro and micro nutrients needed by a client at various stages of their life.

Detox Massage

Vitalita offer a range of massage services to help their clients on their detox and wellness journey. Including massage in a detox program can help towards achieving a full body detox.


Kinesiology techniques resolves trauma and stress in the body and mind by releasing a lifetime of emotional burden and physical pain... improve posture and well-being...allowing a person to move forward in life.

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