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Vitamins already PACKED, ready for you to POP, sounds too easy... right? Well we have the wonderful husband and wife duo at @packandpopau to thank for this amazing idea (Did I mention they are pharmacists... also AMAZING). This team decided to save you the effort of heading to your local pharmacy and sorting through all the vitamins you might need - they did the hard work for you.

Pack and Pop want you to avoid the confusion we all face when heading to the shops for vitamins. What’s good? What’s going to benefit us individually? What’s going to spend all our money and just sit on the shelf for years? Say goodbye to the unknown and welcome the future of health.

Pack and Pop crossed my radar pretty hard early this year and I never looked back. The world of instagram is so amazing like that. It opens your eyes to local brands & companies with new ways to keep you healthy. Obviously being heavily involved in the fitness industry myself, it wasn’t going to be long before I found them on my newsfeed. Now, if you don’t know what supplements/ vitamins would be good for you, these guys are only a message away.

I set myself up for a vitamin d, multivitamin and fish oil tablet daily. Upon arrival I had a box with 28 sachets filled with my 3 daily vitamins. All I had to do it pack my new sachet and pop when I was ready. Each one had the day of the week on it (Perfect way to track) and a lovely little inspiring message (To remind myself I bring something special to this world). Before you know it, your box is empty and you have had your vitamins everyday for a month... BAM!

How do I feel after my first month? It's incredible what your body can feel like after 28 days consistently taking your vitamins. I exercise alot through-out the week and also have alot of hours dedicated to training. This has mentally and physically helped my body stay strong and happy. I have avoided feeling run down and kept my immune system up during the change of season. I definitely can say, this team have my full support.

- Quality Australian made Vitamins
- Recyclable
- Pharmacist Owned Expert Advice
- Free Delivery
- 28 Daily Sachets
- No Glu ten, Dairy, Lactose or Nasties


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