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The Brisbane fitness community continuously surprises me with next new thing. A few Sundays ago, I attended my very first VIVA brunch club with my gorgeous friend Kylee (aka, The Raw Baller)

Who is VIVA you ask? Viva specialises in mindful, dynamic pilates, with 8 unique classes to suit every mood and goal. Their studios are designed for you to embrace complete coordination of your body, mind and spirit, in a calm and inspiring space. Located in Clayfield, Everton Hills & Manly, they have all Brisbane locals sorted!

The Event

VIVA took their dynamic pilates to a whole new level at The Lushington , Wooloongabba. This event went above and beyond all expectations. A community built on trust, passion, inspiration and above all, love for Pilates. Guided through a Pilates session for the full body. Lets just say... the booty bands got the booty burning for days. The cueing and technical tips were fabulous (something that I noticed as I work within the fitness industry). 

Then it was time for BRUNCH! To celebrate all the hard work, we indulged in a healthy, yet delicious spread. Raw treats, fresh made coffee & a huge range of brekky options (by @eventsbywilliamwallace, @pawpawcafe, @made.by.me.92, funkateers & @ediblegratitude). This was a perfect opportunity to meet some new faces (whether you are chasing a new-found friend, a business connection or just someone to discuss your Pilates experience with). 

To end off such a wonderful event, we were gifted with an incredible goodie-bag, which included; @therawballer, @bluedinosaurbars, @halotopau, @loving_earth, @biomestores, @mingleseasoning, @solcleanse, @sofispritz, @the_dailybar & so much more! 

What I loved MOST about this gift, was that it was supporting local businesses and allowing them the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Would I recommend this event? HELL YES!

Working within the fitness industry can sometimes close you off from different workouts or opportunities. To add pilates into my routine was exactly what my body (and mind) needed. Targeting new muscles and providing me a fresh prospective on movement of the body. 

Mix up you weekend routine every once in a while. Schedule in a Sunday morning workout and coffee date with your favourite pals. Believe me, you will feel so accomplished by lunch time!

For more details, make sure you hit up the VIVA Pilates Studios instagram for upcoming events.

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